Dan Haberkorn is a ridiculous agglomeration of communication talents and skills. He has a singular gift for grasping the big picture while sweating every detail. About the only thing he hasn’t figured out is how to summarize his capabilities.

He was born hard wired to solve communication problems. His formal education in fine art informs his every decision. His work history has been a tapestry of time spent as art director, illustrator and beyond for various advertising, marketing and promotions agencies, then graduating to run his own shop. 

For nearly 30 years, Fruition Man has traversed the ever-evolving landscape of visual communication arts from Chicago to Hollywood and back, devoting considerable time behind the camera as director, producer, art director and a dozen other problem-solving roles. No traditional pigeonhole does this raven lunatic justice. Who is this man?

One key reason people return to Fruition Man again and again is that he never plays the controlling, my-way-or-the-highway ego-laden artiste. Instead, he embraces each challenge with good humor, clarity and a steady hand. Drawing on his vast pool of experience and resources, Fruition Man maps out and carries forward the practical, profitable and powerful approach for accomplishing the goal.

Fruition Man has built a bulletproof reputation as The Go To Guy for communication and experiential projects of all colors and budgets, thriving on seemingly impossible challenges and daunting deadlines, devouring details like candy. Oh, and if you forgot to have a strategy, a goal or a plan, he’ll help you create that too.